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General Information

The village Trnavá Hora covers an area of 2 455 ha (1 ha = 10 000 square meters) located in the valley of the river Hron between district towns Žiarom nad Hronom and Zvolen. It is located close to the mountains Kremické vrchy on the south side and the mountains Štiavnické vrchy on the north side. Terrain is mostly hilly.

The first written reference is dated in 1388. The village of Trnavá Hora belonged to owner of nearby Šášov castle and Trnavá Hora is mentioned as a tollgate. In 1971, tree separated villages Trnavá Hora, Jalná and Kľačany were joined to the one village named Trnavá Hora.

The natural surrounding makes Trnavá Hora villages attractive for sport activities and relax, mostly hiking and cycling in hilly terrain or rafting on the river Hron. There is also holidays resort for children named Tralaland in the cadastre of Trnavá Hora village.

There is the primary school ZŠ Trnavá Hora with 9 years grades established also for nearby villages Pitelová and Hronská Dúbrava. The village of Trnavá Hora also runs nursery school for children of age 2,5 – 6. There is a canteen dedicated for children attending primary or nursery schools, employees as well as for senior or handicapped citizen.

There are also ambulances of general practitioner and dentist, and nearby chemistry. The post office Trnavá Hora provides service also for nearby villages Piteľová, Hronská Dúbrava and Hronská Breznica. The village Trnavá Hora runs a water-supply and has built up a gas distribution system. There are two culture houses Dom kultúry Jalná and Kultúrny dom Trnavá Hora, where festivals, social meetings and cultural events are often held. There are also available a couple of shops and restaurants.


  • Name: Trnavá Hora, which includes Trnavá Hora, Jalná and Kľačany
  • District: Žiar nad Hronom
  • Govertment region: Banskobystrický
  • The first written reference: year 1388
  • Inhabitants: 1 146 (on 31. 12. 2010)
  • Area: 2 455 ha (1 ha = 10 000 square meters)


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