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Trnava Hora 233, 966 11

Management of the kindergarten: Anna Janeková (director)

fix line: 045/677 51 67

Kindergarten is located in a nice and quiet area, surrounded by greenery. The yard is fenced, complete with lots of swings, climbing frames, roundabouts, sand pit and a summerhouse, which allows us to relax on sunny days in the shade. Due to the terrain, the garden can sled and slide in the winter directly in the area of kindergarten.

It is a family type kindergarten, based on a teacher-child relationship. The activities are focused on the folk traditions, which are strongly appreciated by children.

Trnava Hora Kindergarder facilty date back to the 15th 9th 1965, when it was put into operation and kindergarten enrollment was 27 children. Gradually the parents interest of kindergarten grew, but unfortunately the capacity was not sufficient, and a new kindergarten was built. On 22nd November 1980 a two-class Kindergarden with 60 children was inaugurated, and its children attended from surrounding villages. The building, which has undergone more extensive reconstruction (gasification, shrub roof), actually serves to this day.

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